We hear stories of Apple products like the iPhone and iPad being stolen on a somewhat regular basis, and we’re never happy to hear criminals are continually targeting these products, although we could understand why they would want to. If you took the necessary precautions and installed apps like Find My iPhone, then retrieving your stolen goods might be easier than than it used to be a few years ago.

A story published by the New York Post goes into detail how Apple and the NYPD have been working together in order to have stolen Apple products retrieved, even if the goods are no longer in New York City.

NYPD detectives would attempt to retrieve the stolen device’s International Mobile Station Equipment identity number, to then pass it along to Apple who then attempts to track the device. Once the device has been located, Apple then hands off the information to the NYPD, even if the cellular-connected device, like the iPhone or iPad, have changed wireless providers.

This partnership has led to police to retrieve stolen Apple devices as far as the Dominican Republic, as well as shutting down reselling operations as one man was caught selling iPads at a bus stop.

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