Geeks love a good cup of coffee. The caffeine buzz drives the geek. So what better way to have a cup of java then be able to create your very own coffee cup.  Introducing the new coffee cup from ThinkGeek called Build-on Brick Mug.

It’s black in color and doesn’t come with bricks, but is compatible with Lego, PixelBlocks, MegaBlocks, KRE-O, and K’NEX Bricks and has all sorts of holes, so you can attach your favorite blocks.  This opens up the cup to whatever geeky vision you might have while drinking your next cup of coffee. Just image creating the next masterpiece of Lego blocks while sitting at your desk or stuck in a mundane meeting.

The coffee cup is priced at $19.99. Its capacity is 12 ounces, which should be enough java for most people. The cup is unfortunately not dishwasher friendly, so you will have to wash your own cup by hand. This coffee cup is made of BPA-plastic free material and can handle the heat of coffee, but it is not recommended to put it in the microwave as it will be melted.

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