Apple’s upcoming campus in Austin, Texas, is said to cost a whopping $304 million, and someone has managed to uncover the new build plans of the site, showing off more details concerning the entire layout of the campus. A rendering of the campus that was picked up by local condo website AustinTowers, showed that Apple has already performed a number of adjustments from the original layout which was outed by the development company who was in charge designing the Riata Vista Circle property.


A couple of the seven planned buildings are right now under constructed as part of the first phase of the project, which will cost a cool $56 million according to estimates. These two buildings at first will take up 200,000 square feet of space, and the remaining five structures are also in the pipeline, ensuring that the final total area covered would end up at one million square feet thereabouts. There will also be three garages that will be able to hold approximately 5,500 vehicles.

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