Running out of juice on your smartphone is one of the modern day nightmares that road warriors tend to face these days, which is why it is imperative that you charge up your smartphone wherever you are, whenever it is possible. Well, here is a Kickstarter project that will definitely blow your minds away, where the Epiphany One Puck functions as a coaster for both hot and cold drinks, and apart from making sure that lovely wooden table of yours does not end up with water stains, it will also be able to deliver up to one amp of current to any compatible device hooked up to it via USB, and these will include Android devices and iPhones.

All you need to do is to place a hot object such as a piping hot mug of your favorite coffee on the red side, or if it is a sweltering summer day, then an ice cool mug of Coke on the blue side, followed by hooking up your smartphone. If you have faith in the Epiphany One Puck, then pledging $99 will net you a single Puck, where it is tipped to retail for $150 should the idea take off in a massive manner.

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