Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 has gotten amazing results with its one-on-one experimental program, so much so, they have decided to give 6000 to 7000 students their own fourth generation Apple iPads. The original plan had put second generation iPad’s in the hands of about 1500 students and the feedback has been very positive. “We believe the one-to-one program is changing our teachers, it’s changing our instruction, and most importantly it’s changing the way in which students interact with their world,” said Daniel Cates, associate superintendent for administrative services.


The iPads come at a cost of between $1.25 and $1.43 million for a three year lease.  The cost will be covered through the district’s technology budget. The administration is considering plans to include all students in the plan by 2014-2015, as it has brought positive change in the schools. Other schools have joined the bandwagon as well, or plan to do so.

Teachers have also had encouraging things to say, from cutting down on paper use within the classrooms, to better attendance and participation from students and to helping out students with special needs. The devices have helped students who could not afford to have computers in their homes.  They are even helping teachers keep better checks on absenteeism.  Such plans go a long way in reshaping lives. Would you be interested if your school gave you a new iPad?

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