The Star Wars vs Star Trek debate continues, and the recent story arc in PvPOnline also showed that off. Well, the Starship Enterprise was recently spotted as part of a Kre-O creation, but I guess Star Wars fan can gloat over Star Trek fans in this round, as LEGO has just released a model of the much loved X-Wing starfighter, which will feature more than 1,500 LEGO pieces to construct. In fact, we are talking about 1,558 LEGO pieces to be exact, and the finished model will measure a whopping 20 inches in length, 10 inches tall when its S-foil is in attack position, the span will end up measuring 18 inches wide.

In fact, there is also enough room for an R2-D2 minifig that is part of the package to help you get out of a particularly tight situation. Don’t you think that R2-D2 has been indispensable in the entire Star Wars saga, often looking as though it is a dumbed down version of Humpty Dumpty, but is actually far more capable of a fight than even some Jedis? Thing is, if you want to pick up this highly desirable LEGO piece, it can be yours later this May for a whopping $199.99.

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