On its launch day, the Microsoft Surface Pro has been announced as “sold-out”. There were the occasional lines in front of Microsoft stores, and it wasn’t hard to find excited customers on the web. However, it is just impossible to tell at this point if the fact that it is sold-out is the result of high-demand, or short-supply. Overall, I really see why a certain crowd of ultra-mobile users would want one: it is a real PC, yet has a smaller footprint than 11″ laptops and weigh only 2 lbs, which is about 0.5 lbs more than an iPad. Others people complain that the Surface Pro has too little storage (83GB of actual user storage after accounting for pre-installed software and OS on the 128GB version, there’s a 64GB version with about 30GB left for the user), or that the battery life is too low (we estimated it to be 6h at best, and half that for watching online movies). If you are still on the fence, I would recommend reading our surface pro complete review, and form your own opinion based on our real-world usage. Weeks from now, we will know what “sold out” really meant. If you look in the past, the Surface RT was also “sold out” initially, but Microsoft said later that its start was rather modest, so take the hype with a grain of salt.

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