The Microsoft Surface is a Windows-based tablet that Microsoft introduced last year, but what if Microsoft decided to venture out and create an Ultrabook of their own? After all they did make their own tablet, and with rumors surrounding a Surface smartphone, an Ultrabook wouldn’t be out of the question, right? While it remains to be seen if Microsoft will ever venture into Ultrabook territory, designer Clément Puertolas has come up with a Surface Ultrabook concept of his own which basically marries the Surface’s touchscreen capabilities with an ultra-thin form factor, which according to his design, will be thinner than Apple’s MacBook Air.

At the moment there already exists hybrid devices that combine touchscreen displays into a laptop body, but Puertolas seems to think that these hybrids are both fragile, complicated and in some cases pretty thick. His answer to that problem would be his Ultrabook concept would be made by Microsoft and based on this concept, it looks pretty sleek and stylish. We’re not sure if Microsoft would ever decide to launch their own Ultrabook in the future, but what do you guys think? Based on the Surface, do you think Microsoft will do well?

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