Now, do not look at the myIDkey as the solution to the world’s problems, it is not meant to be a false messiah despite the title. What I meant by “potential lifesaver” is this – the myIDkey is a thumb drive that has one very specific purpose, which is, to stash away passwords across different services. After all, in this day and age, we have our fair share of accounts to remember, where they all tend to carry different usernames and passwords, no thanks to an increased level of security by the service provider who prefers you to mix up the password with a mish-mash of uppercase and lowercase characters in addition to numbers mixed with letters.

Well, the myIDkey is preparing for a mass rollout – assuming it can collect a cool $150,000 along the way via Kickstarter. So far, it has achieved around 20% of its target, and if you need to be convinced, it will sport a fingerprint scanner that unlocks the device with the correct fingerprint, and you can also search for your passwords simply by speaking to it, making use of the integrated microphone. Plug the myIDkey into your computer, and it will autofill your passwords as required. Should you happen to misplace your myIDkey or have it stolen, it is a snap to deactivate its contents for added peace of mind.

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