Early in the year, we talked about how there is the possibility of the Nokia Catwalk taking on the mantle of the Lumia 920 as the Finnish company’s flagship device, but here we are with word that China Mobile has just listed the unseen and unheard of Nokia Lumia 1000 that could very well be the rumored Lumia EOS, or Catwalk.

We are not quite sure what to make of this – could it be a simple typo, or are we on the verge of something huge on the smartphone front? Only time will tell, and assuming that this is actually the Nokia Lumia 1000 without any typos being part of the mix, it would certainly be one tier above the current flag bearer for Nokia, which would be the Lumia 920. We await with bated breath to see just what Nokia has in store for the masses in due time, so patience will have to be the virtue which we hold on to at the moment.

What about you you? What do you think that the Lumia 1000 will be all about, is it a typo, or will it be another badly kept secret by a telephone company?

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