Nokia has launched its music subscription service in the UK by the name of “Music+” offering the users of Nokia Lumia smartphones to download unlimited music at £3.99 per month. Additional services include the ability to skip as many tracks as you want or simply unlimited track skipping, get access to higher quality track downloading via wifi, so users do not eat up the data package while downloading their favorite tune, and the ability to download lyrics for any songs. The service is available for the lumia app in Windows 8 devices. Web based access to Nokia+ is also planned for the future.

Users who do not wish to sign up for the £3.99 per month service have another option. They can sign up for a free trial of 7 days. Users can enjoy complete functionality for 7 days and test the service.  We are still unsure of when the service will be launched in American. We are however sure that the American audience will not have to pay the equivalent of £3.99 per month; instead it’s going to be $3.99 per month, when the service eventually launches in America.

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