nk-internetAfter reading about how North Korea experienced an Internet collapse earlier this morning, it seems that the reclusive country is back online – partially, of course. For one thing, we are quite sure that the country’s state news agency has seen its service restored, so folks in North Korea will be able to check out what the state news agency has to say about the latest developments around the world – according to their version, of course.

This comes in the midst of a cyber security row with the US, where it has not been seen to be an ‘act of war’ where the Sony hack is concerned, despite strong accusations being levied at North Korea that the country is responsible for the hacking of Sony. Authorities in Pyongyang has not commented on the situation despite US experts having reported on the restoration.

Washington did mention that it would roll out a proportional response to a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, although there was no comment concerning US involvement in the existing outages in North Korea. The Internet downtime in that part of the world would most probably have gone on unnoticed, however, as ordinary folk on the ground would most probably have no access to the Internet in the first place.

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