We’ve seen North Korea perform some interesting tactics in a way to disrupt the going ons online. Just a few years ago, they were jamming GPS signals within a 100km range and earlier this year, the country had prevented tourists from getting a 3G connection while they were in North Korea. That was only the tip of the ice berg as South Korean police are warning downloadable games might contain malware created by North Korean in what they believe could be a part of a cyber attack.

South Korean officials started warning its citizens after they caught someone illegally trafficking online games that were developed by North Korean hackers. This North Korean hacker had passed himself off as a game developer and offered to work on games at a much cheaper price than most in the region. The games that were developed contained malware that collected IP addresses, which could eventually be transmitted for DDoS attacks.

If you recall, earlier this year South Korean banks and TV stations were crippled from what they believed to be a cyber attack from North Korea. If North Korea is able to obtain the IP addresses of not only people in South Korea, but also all over the world, they could do some serious damage if they decided to launch a DDoS attack.

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