[MWC 2013] The only way Android users have been able to achieve AirPlay-like streaming of their devices to wireless speakers, headphones, TVs, home theater systems and everything in between has been through Google’s YouTube application on Android, and that’s only if you have a Google TV hooked up.

DoubleTwist introduced an application back in 2011 that allowed Android devices to stream to Apple TV, but today, the company is announcing a partnership with Qualcomm that would make it much easier to stream content from their Android devices to additional devices.

The collaboration has created an open-source wireless streaming platform called MagicPlay, which was built upon Qualcomm’s AllJoyn platform. Since it’s open-source, both DoubleTwist and Qualcomm are making it easier for Android device manufacturers and application publishers to integrate the code into their respective products and allow for streaming content to be possible on devices equipped with both a Qualcomm chip and AllJoyn.

Even though MagicPlay’s intent is to make it easier for Android users to stream content across a number of devices, meeting the circumstance of owning a device powered by a Qualcomm chip running AllJoyn may require Android owners to conduct more research than they’re willing to do in order to have it work. Meanwhile, all iOS users have to know is that a device is AirPlay compatible, and they’re good to go.

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