Microsoft has released Skype version 6.2 for Windows and Mac. The new version features eGifting, a new toolbar and a few other bug improvements. When Skype users receive notifications for friend’s birthdays, they can send credit as gifts to these friends. The credit can then be utilized by the receiving party for making calls to destinations of their choice.The new toolbar is located above the contacts list in the application. The toolbar has been redesigned to provide a central location for most action buttons like Home, Calling Phones, Creating Groups and Adding Contacts. Users will now have a much easier toolbar and interface to use.

Skype has also added the option to send IM using the CTRL + ENTER keyboard combo. However support for computers with Intel Pentium 3 and other such computer which do not support SSE2 instructions, has been withdrawn. A few other issues have been fixed as well, like profile country setting saving issue, adding a contact misplacement issue etc.

Existing users should be able to download the new version from with Skype by going to Help > Check for updates. New users can download the Skype for free from Skype’s website. [Official press release]

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