We have seen our fair share of devices that run on solar power in the past, but surely a solar panel that flies? That takes the cake, at least for now. A group of students at Queen Mary University of London have a vision to develop a solar-powered copter, which would definitely offer something that remote controlled toys which fly are unable to deliver in this day and age. Right now, existing remote controlled flying toys are subject to the law of diminishing returns, where you spend more time charging said toy than flying it, no thanks to the energy intensive requirements.

Perhaps with the help of a solar-panel built into the flying machine itself, it might help offset some of the energy consumption in-flight, and reduce the overall recharging period. Of course, keeping yourself and the kids entertained would not be the best way of making use of such an idea, as other more practical functions include delivering emergency power charges in the field, or to have a bunch of these function as some sort of portable solar array whenever a group of you are spending time in the great outdoors.

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