We’ve been hearing a number of PlayStation 4 rumors over the past few months that discuss its hardware that may be stronger than the next-generation Xbox, its controller capable of touch inputs as well as its retail price.

A new PlayStation 4 rumor is circulating today from a Japanese news outlet Nikkei who is sourcing an unidentified official of Sony Computer Entertainment. The source revealed Sony isn’t focusing as much on its upcoming console’s ability to deliver amazing graphics, instead, it’s focusing more on delivering “new playing options” to its customers. In addition, Sony also has planned to make its next PlayStation a “nerve center” for home entertainment by connecting and sharing information via mobile devices.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect the PlayStation 4 to deliver impressive graphics if previous rumors of its eight-core AMD processor and additional hardware improvements turn out to be true. If what the unidentified source turns out to be true, we could expect an additional layer of interactivity with the PlayStation 4 that we may not have even considered before. Either way, we’ll be attending Sony’s February 20th event where we, and pretty much everyone else, will expect the company to unveil its PlayStation 4. And if the company doesn’t, we’ll be the first in line to pick up our pitchfork and torches.

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