Last night was one of the biggest evenings in entertainment as The Oscars, which was hosted by Seth MacFarlane, took place to award Hollywood’s elite for their most memorable performances throughout the year. The show had its fair share of memorable moments, but we’re sure there are still a number of you who have yet to watch the show.

If you forgot to set your DVRs and have no idea how to work a torrent website, then your last method of watching The Oscars is through streaming the show online through a handful of providers., the ABC Player for iOS, Hulu, Hulu Plus and ABC On Demand all have The Oscars ready for you to watch whenever you please. Hopefully whenever you please will be before Wednesday 9 p.m. PT as that’s when it will no longer be available to stream online.

Those who would rather not sit through Seth MacFarlane’s jokes to get straight to moments featuring their favorite celebrity moments will need to visit where the sites’ “Real Time Oscar Highlights” feature allows viewers to watch clips of their favorite celebrities as they make their way through The Oscars.

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