[MWC 2013] It was two years ago when Samsung and VISA announced they’d be partnering up in order to offer NFC mobile payments before, during and after the London 2012 Olympics. We think it would be safe to assume that partnership went extremely well as both companies are announcing a new NFC payments deal.

VISA and Samsung are announcing their partnership that would bring VISA’s payWave mobile payment application to NFC-enabled Samsung devices from now on. VISA’s payWave would allow for contactless payments to be made with your VISA card, which we expect to be featured in the Galaxy S4 when it’s announced on March 14.

Now that VISA and Samsung are partnering up to offer NFC payment options for VISA cardholders, we would be very surprised if any other credit card company is allowed to offer similar options in the near future. If you are a non-Visa cardholder, your best alternative would be to pay through your Google Wallet account. Or, you know, pay for your purchased by using cash.

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