3D printing seems to be in the news as of late, and apart from obvious hobbyist escapades and medical purposes, you can also make use of 3D printing to roll out something totally different – case in point, this 3D printed violin that costs approximately $12 of capital to churn out, where it relies on a combination of paper, 3D printed parts, as well as cheap wire, resulting in an instrument which is crude to look at, but easy on the ears. Granted, this will definitely be far from a Stradivarius, but to have it make sweet music? That is definitely one huge step forward.

This particular project is the brainchild of a certain Alex Davies, who also went through the trouble of preparing the violin’s neck by using cardboard. Yes sir, a musical instrument that also helps cut down on the carbon footprint? We do look forward to see how 3D printing can change the landscape of music. Who knows, some day down the road, there might be an orchestra that uses instruments printed out, which would definitely be a novelty, don’t you think so?

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