apple-maps-performanceWe’re sure that many iOS users were bummed what Apple replaced Google Maps on their phones with Apple Maps, especially since there were many reports of inaccuracies over Apple’s Maps software. However when Google Maps was released as a standalone app for iOS, it’s safe to assume that many users quickly replaced Apple Maps with Google’s version, not only due to its familiarity, but with its more accurate track record. However considering that Apple invested a fair bit of money into acquiring the technology needed to create their own mapping services, they are busy working on making sure that it becomes as accurate and reliable as Google’s offering.


One of the ways that Apple is going about doing that is by hiring “Ground Truth” managers which will help improve the quality of Apple Maps in regions around the world, such as Eastern Europe and Japan. So what is “ground truth?” Well if you’re hearing this for the first time, according to its definition, it refers “to a process in which a pixel on a satellite image is compared to what is there in reality (at the present time) in order to verify the contents of the pixel on the image,” essentially helping to improve the accuracy of Apple Maps which happens to be one of the pet peeves many early Maps users were complaining about.

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