One of the biggest corporate law suits that we have seen in the year 2012 was definitely the one between Apple and one of South Korea’s most famous exports, Samsung products. The former claimed that the latter infringed upon their patents across a relatively wide spectrum of hardware and software, and right now, the cases are still being worked out in different courts around the world, where both sides have had experienced their fair share of victories and defeats. This time around, Cupertino is on the receiving end of the lawsuit, where THX claims that Apple has misused their patented speaker technology in industry leading hardware such as the iPhone, iPad and iMac.


THX, the sound innovation company which was founded by George Lucas, recently filed suit against Apple in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, touting that the single speaker patent infringed was for a “narrow profile speaker.” THX’s U.S. Patent No. 7,433,483 for “Narrow profile speaker configurations and systems,” was a property that was granted in 2008, where it described methods to effectively enhance sound quality even in a compact speaker arrangement that has been thrown into consumer electronics similar to computers and televisions. THX says that Apple’s violation has resulted in monetary damages and irreparable harm, and they are fishing for royalties and damages in order to make up for lost profit. Do you think that THX has a chance to win this?

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