Being a smartphone owner these days means you’ll most likely have to keep your device connected to its charger when you’re home, in your car and sometimes, when you visit someone else’s home. Keeping your battery charged at an acceptable level is something we all constantly worry about, but a new device will hopefully have you worrying a little bit less, that is, as long as you have friends around with charged devices.

The ChargeBite is a charger that doesn’t have you relying on an electrical outlet in order to get your charging needs. Instead, it features three 30-pin docks to suck the power out of other iOS devices in order to help keep yours charged. Think of it as the modern day version of walking over to a neighbor’s house to ask for a cup of sugar.

The ChargeBite’s inventors call the device a “social charger” as its owners don’t have to rely on carrying around an external battery pack or worrying about keeping the ChargeBite charged as it doesn’t require one. The device certainly has an interesting premise, but we’re hoping its inventors consider a mini-USB version of the ChargeBite as we’re sure you can find some friends with devices supporting it than the 30-pin dock.

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