Apple’s budget iPhone has been rumored for several months now, the latest of which suggest the device would have a 4-inch display like the iPhone 5, and possibly come in a number of colors. The latter rumor sparked Dutch website iPhoneclub to commission Martin Hajek to come up with some concepts showing what a multi-colored budget iPhone would look like.

What Hajek came up with looks pretty nice, even though he only came up with two additional colors for the budget iPhone: red and a light teal. Both of the concept budget iPhones also feature a 4-inch display and looks great sitting next to the iPhone 5. You can also catch the surrounding of the budget iPhones are made of plastic, unlike the iPhone 5’s completely metal surrounding.

If you recall, Hajek came up with some amazing concepts in the past for the iPhone 6, Apple iWatch and the black iPad Mini. So this isn’t the first time he has been commissioned in order to produce what a rumored device would look like. Hopefully Apple’s rumored budget iPhone will look as good as these renders, although we also hope they offer more than three or four colors.

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