The Apple iWatch rumor has been circulating for a while now as it’s rumored Apple will unveil the device by the end of this year. Regardless if they do or not, concepts are the next best thing to an actual product launch as their creators share their vision of the rumored product, and sometimes, they look better and offer cooler features than the product.

A new concept for the Apple iWatch has surfaced from designer Martin Hajek in collaboration with MacUser. Hajek’s iWatch is probably one of the best examples we’ve seen yet as it successfully combines the look of a watch with a smaller iOS device as its face.

The examples used in the concept look nice as the clock and weather app are created successfully within the constrained size of the iWatch’s face, but its Tweetbot feed could certainly use a bit of touching up as one or two lines of text won’t make Twitter feeds worth reading.

Hajek’s version of the iWatch is something I could certainly see myself wearing, that is, if it’s within my price range. What about you? If something like this became a consumer product, would you be joining the iWatch army?

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