When it comes to the typing instrument of your choice, just which particular model floats your boat? Well, assuming you happen to have the dough to spare this time around, how about dropping $750 on the Datamancer Executive Keyboard? Currently on sale over at Etsy, the website that does have its fair share of fine things, the Datamancer Executive Keyboard will feature an aluminum body, mechanical switches, and typewriter keys. Good to know that after you have decided to fork out $750 for it, shipping has been factored in.

The Datamancer Executive Keyboard will feature a standard US ANSI 104-key QWERTY layout, although those of you living across the pond can also settle for custom European layouts. All keys in the layout would be the main centerpiece of this input device, where they have been specially done up in a style which is reminiscent of that of antique typewriter keys. Since it plugs in via USB, it ought to play nice with either PC or Mac platforms, and a slick cloth cable cover helps keep things unraveled.

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