All is not fine in the world of Windows Phone 8, as there has been a new date bug discovered which is capable of causing some apps to run amok in select regions. It seems that some apps such as WeatherFlow were affected, and majority of the affected users of the date bug were Italian, with the issue apparently starting from March 1st onwards. It is nice to know that there is a way to get around the Windows Phone 8 date bug, and the cause of it has been narrowed down to a common function in the C# programming language.


Basically, the DateTime.Parse(string) function screws up from March 1st onwards, especially when the handset has been set to the Italian region as this particular function would throw a “FormatException”. Developers would be able to share more information on this, but folks living in the US, UK and many other regions do seem to be unaffected. How do you get around this bug? Head to your handset’s settings screen and change your regional format setting to a different option, and things should be back to normal after that.

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