Earlier this month, Google announced it would be discontinuing its Google Reader service with a petition on Change.org reaching over 100,000 in hopes Google would change its mind. As a result, a number of companies are scrambling to provide their own Google Reader replacement, with once popular news aggregator website, Digg, gaining the most attention.

Digg didn’t reveal any details at the time as to what it plans to do exactly, but today, they’re lifting the veil of secrecy just a tad to give us a glimpse as to what we should expect from the service. The company went through 800 comments on its announcement post to come up with four important key points for its RSS reader:

  1. Keep it simple, stupid
  2. Make it fast (like, really fast)
  3. Synchronize across devices
  4. Make it easy to import from existing Google Reader accounts

Using Google Reader for several years for both personal and professional reasons, these four key points for Digg’s upcoming RSS reader seem to be exactly what Google Reader offered its users. Hopefully Digg can step into the spotlight once again to deliver an experience that is not only comparable to Google Reader, but improves on it as well.

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