Last year a campaign was started on Kickstarter to fund the Oculus Rift development kit. Only $250,000 in funding was required, but the idea was liked so much that the campaign raised over $2.4 million. The kits that were purchased via Kickstarter were going to ship with a Rift enabled Doom 3 BFG edition. Unfortunately the special Rift enabled Doom 3 edition will not be available by the time the developement kits are to be shipped.

Backers of this project on Kickstarter are definitely not going to be happy. Though they’ll be glad to know that at least they’ve not lost their money. Oculus is offering $20 spendable credit for Steam, $25 for Oculus store, or the option to have the Kickstarter pledge refunded. If backers don’t make any choice by April 5 it will automatically be set as Oculus store credit. People who had placed the order can check its status through Oculus Order Manager.

It’s a good move on Oculus’s part. They’re facilitating their backers in the best way they possibly could, by offering them their money back. Though judging by the sheer number of people who placed their orders, I am quite sure they’d not be as happy with getting their money back as they would have been upon getting a Rift enabled Doom 3 BFG edition copy. Don’t miss our hands of with Occulus Rift.

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