fuelWhen it comes to modern day smartphones and cellphones, the one Achilles Heel that they have would be the battery life, where for some power users, that would mean the lack of it. Well, whenever you travel, even if just for a day, it is wise and of course advisable to bring around your mobile charger as you can never quite tell just when you need more juice than normal. Most chargers have been minimized in design for some time already, but if there is a chance for change, why not?

This is where the Kickstarter project known as Fuel comes in, where it is touted to be the smallest cellphone charger in the world when realized. Devotec is the company behind its design, where Fuel would measure a mere 1” in height, and approximately 0.5” wide. This makes it tiny enough to fit onto a keychain or in a small pocket, but there is one potential drawback – its battery life, no thanks to its size. Fuel is meant to be a real emergency life saver, where it helps you run your smartphone for another 20 minutes to half an hour just in case of an emergency, which ain’t too shabby, actually, thanks to its 5C lithium-ion 220mAh rated battery.

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