We all have heard of rumors concerning Apple moving into the timepiece category, which would definitely be strange to the ears just like how the iPhone rumors sparked off a “Huh?!” look from certain quarters when it started to make its rounds on the Internet. Perhaps an iWatch, as it has been called at the moment, might not be too crazy of an idea to implement, especially when you have Google and their Project Glass. Well, assuming Samsung is anticipating Apple’s future move, their mobile executive VP, Lee Young Hee, mentioned in a Bloomberg interview, “We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

There is no idea on the release date on such a device, although Lee did stress that they want to be the first to commercialize such a device without sacrificing on functionality for consumers. So far, no reported leaks have appeared concerning the Samsung watch, but do you think that it will run on the Android operating system? Of course, rumors have been going around that the iWatch from Apple could arrive by the end of this year, so we await with bated breath for Samsung’s next move.

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