HTC isn’t doing too well for themselves financially, and we guess it’s safe to say that HTC is hoping that the HTC One will be able to help them regain some of their former glory. Panasonic on the other hand tried and failed to enter the European market with their Eluga smartphone, but on the Japan front they are doing pretty well for themselves. So could HTC be interested in penetrating the Japanese market? Well according to a report from SankeiBiz, they claim that HTC could be one of the possible contenders to purchase Panasonic’s mobile business.

Panasonic is apparently trying to refine their product lineup, and while they might have produced a couple of phones in the past, we guess they weren’t special enough to make consumers sit up and pay attention. However the main question is does HTC’s possible purchase of Panasonic’s mobile phone business make sense? Like we said ,Panasonic hasn’t really made a name for themselves in the mobile industry so it’s not like HTC would be buying a winner here, unless of course Panasonic has a treasure trove of patents that will help bolster HTC’s defense against IP disputes which seems to be commonplace these days. Take this with a grain of salt for now but fret not as we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for more info.

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