As cool as it would seem to physically get into your vehicle to drive it around, it’s a way cooler to hack your car to be driven through an iPad app. Some Russians decided driving their Opel Vectra around town was super lame, and so they hacked their car, which they dubbed the “James Bond car” as they modeled their vehicle after Bond’s BMW that was driven by using a cell phone in Tomorrow Never Dies. 

The process required the group of Russians fine tune the vehicle as a new actuator and new steering motors had to be installed, as well as the addition of the ability to shift gears without having to do it manually. Once all of the adjustments were made, the group of Russians used an app on their iPad 3 in order to actually drive it. Unfortunately, the controls that were chosen don’t offer any kind of precision, especially in the brake and gas peddles which can only be activated full on or off, which makes for everyday driving nearly impossible. Video in the full post.

Опель Вирта (Opel Virta), второе уличное тестирование (под музычку) from Gol on Vimeo.

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