356759-iphone-6-conceptFingerprint security sounds like a pretty solid way of securing your devices, although after watching countless movies, thieves may not only steal our phone, but could end up chopping off one of our digits as well. Pretty scary stuff, right? However if you do not believe that will happen, or at least be a rare occurrence, then how do you feel about an iPhone with a fingerprint sensor that could act as a security measure? We’ve all heard the rumors that future iPhones could come with said technology, especially after Apple’s acquisition of security firm AuthenTec last year.

Many speculated that this feature would make its way into the iPhone 5S which could be seeing a release later this year, but Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster, believes otherwise and claims that the fingerprint sensor will instead arrive on Apple’s iPhone 6, a rumored 4.8” device that according to Munster, will be revealed in Q1 2014. A rather odd date since Apple has of late revealed their phones towards the later part of the year, but then again with Apple releasing the iPad 4 less than a year after the iPad 3, we don’t see why not.

We’re not sure what the fingerprint sensor could do, or if it is even needed, but we guess it could give Apple an advantage in the enterprise and government sector if they could offer not just more secure software, but hardware as well. In the meantime we will be taking this with a grain of salt and suggest you do the same.

[Image Credit – Arthur Reis]

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