Whether you love or hate McDonalds, you may now have a new reason to pay a visit to the fast food establishment, especially if you’re living in Europe. This is because McDonalds is the latest fast food chain in Europe to adopt the Qi-based wireless charging standard in its restaurants. The fast food company will be relying on the Powerkiss charging technology which basically attaches a ring to your mobile device (pictured above) and when placed on the table with an embedded Powerkiss pad, you will be able to charge your device while enjoying your large fries with a milkshake. Now since it is impossible to create a Powerkiss ring for every smartphone out there, the company has also built power rings for Nokia and microUSB devices.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about wireless charging making their way into public establishments as Nokia has partnered with Coffee Bean in the US to provide wireless charging as well. The upside to using Powerkiss’ technology is that it does not require the user to own a phone with wireless charging capabilities, making it a lot more accessible to the masses.

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