Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 hit the mobile scene this past November, making it available to consumers for only four months, which means a lot of adopters of the mobile platform will probably not be pleased to hear the company is expected to only support it until July 2014.

Microsoft has always been standoffish when questioned how long they would provide support for its Windows Phone 8 platform, but a recently published lifecycle update confirms the company will only support the mobile platform up until 2014. If you’re a Windows Phone 8 user, expect to be able to receive support up until July 8th, then your guess would be as good as ours as to if or when you’d receive future updates from Microsoft. Windows Phone 7.8 users can expect to receive support until September 2014.

If Microsoft wants to be taken serious with its Windows Phone mobile platform, we feel they need to do better than offer 16 months of service to their customers. We can’t imagine a world where Apple or Google decide they’ve had enough of their mobile platforms and introduce a completely new one every 16-18 months, and neither should Microsoft, especially when the minimum amount of time consumers need to wait in order to upgrade their mobile device is two years.

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