Philips must be thinking out of the box as they do not seem to be too hot and bothered by Ultra HDTV sets that rolled off from the manufacturing lines of its rivals, but rather, would want to concentrate on beautifying your home by blending in their offerings with the rest of your abode. Case in point, Philips’ latest 46-inch and 55-inch DesignLine TVs that comprise of a single sheet of glass, and these will lean against your wall at an angle. When placed at the optimal viewing angle, Philips claims that you will have your eyes totally blown away.

According to Philips’ senior designer Frank Rettenbacher, “We really wanted to move away from the current product language used in TV design. We wanted to create a single sheet of glass, leaning very casually against the wall — without a frame, without a neck and a base.” Do you agree with Frank’s assessment that this will work? We think that the jury is still out on this one, and it will be rather challenging to predict just how well the DesignLine TVs will perform in the market. What do you think? Pricing details have yet to be determined, but something tells me that they ain’t gonna come cheap.

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