At CES 2013, Samsung announced its Evolution Kit that would upgrade your 2012 Smart TV into a 2013 Smart TV as it’ll have an improved CPU, memory and GPU which allows you to experience faster speeds in a number of ways. The announcement of the Evolution Kit came without a release date or a price, both of which were confirmed today at a media event in New York City.

The Samsung Evolution Kit will be launched in May and will retail for $299.99, which is a bit pricey, but considering it’ll save you the trouble of spending over $1000 to upgrade your 2012 Samsung Smart TV, then we can see how it might be priced just right as it can add additional years to your current HDTV.

The Evolution Kit not only allows 2012 Smart TVs to receive an updated 2013 Smart Hub, but it will also come with a Samsung Smart Touch remote which also allows you to interact with your Smart TV in a number of ways such as voice and gesture controls. Samsung’s Smart Remote alone would probably cost over $100, so that $299.99 price point for the Evolution Kit is starting to look a little bit better.

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