Apple’s often-rumored iWatch has been the topic of discussion for tech enthusiasts for years now, but it seems we’re closer to hearing about an actual product than we originally anticipated as Bloomberg is reporting we could see it debut by the end of 2013.

Bloomberg’s sources, which happen to be the same sources that leaked Apple’s iWatch team stands at around 100 people, has informed them Apple hopes to have it available “as soon as this year.”

The news organization also notes Apple has filed for a total of 79 patents that include the word “wrist” in them, the most recent patent being for a “wearable accessory device” which would display video. Some of these patents even show off an illustrated iWatch-like device, which has also been adding fuel to the rumor fire.

We’re not sure if there’s even a market for this kind of device, although when the tablet computer was first introduced, most people didn’t think it would do well since a device between your smartphone and computer was absurd. We just hope that if there is a market for an smartwatch, the it doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg.

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