The problem of the always on DRM feature is that there are aspects to certain games which does not require the user to be online. For example SimCity, for the most part, has been a single player game. The Diablo franchise, while enjoyable with friends and on, is another game that can be just as enjoyable offline, leaving us with the question if the always on DRM is necessary. It is a pretty clever way to curb piracy but if we have learnt anything from the Diablo 3 and SimCity fiascos, it can quickly backfire especially if it affects the gameplay experience of many.

To that extent it looks like SimCity fans have launched a petition on requesting that the DRM feature be removed. At this point in time close to 60,000 signatures have been acquired, although the question is whether EA/Maxis will actually pay any attention to them. In any case if you’d like to pledge your support, head on over to and leave your signature! For the pessimists out there, you might recall that fans of Mass Effect 3 managed to get an extended ending of the game, so there is a chance something could be done for SimCity as well.

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