Sol Computers has rolled out what could very well be an interesting addition to those who want more visual real estate on their travels – a sunlight readable 10” USB monitor with Pixel Qi display. It is definitely a boon to those who tend to do presentations outside of the office, and yet are thwarted by bright sunlight under most weather conditions, as the glossy display that worked brilliantly indoors ends up looking washed out, or even worse, as a mirror in direct sunlight. Sol Computer thinks they have a solution with their sunlight-viewable 10” monitor that will be powered via USB.

Thing is, something of this nature is not going to come cheap, as The Digital Reader did report that Sol Computer has slapped a $800 price tag on each unit thereabouts. This interesting outdoor-friendly monitor relies on a 10” Pixel Qi display that functions as a full color display whenever you turn on the backlight. Turn off the backlight, and you can see contents on the screen with but ambient light, making it resemble more of a black and white display then, which is more than enough to see action (pardon the pun) in bright sunlight.

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