If you take your DVR serious, you may have sprung for a TiVo instead of trusting your TV-watching needs to your cable or satellite provider. Up until this point, if you wanted additional TiVos in your home, you had to purchase additional units, which could be quite costly, especially if it’s a room you only occasionally watch TV on. TiVo is announcing a new accessory to its main set-top-box that will make those infrequently used rooms less costly to have a TiVo in.

The TiVo Mini will allow current TiVo owners to access applications and use their existing DVRs to watch live TV and recorded shows in additional rooms for an additional $5.99 a month, or through a one-time service payment of $249.98. Those prices are in addition to the actual price of the TiVo Mini, which costs $99. Mini is key here as the device measures in at 6.1 inches wide and 1.3 inches tall making it quite small.

“The TiVo Mini answers the demand for a simplified whole- home viewing experience and a more cost-effective solution than putting another client DVR or cable set-top box in another room,” said TiVo general manager of product marketing Jim Denney.

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