TiVo’s original Series 1 DVR was released back in 1999. The year appears to be distant memory as so much has happened in the world of technology since then that it’s hard to imagine how we used to live back then. The time has come for TiVo to end support for its original box. The company has been sending out emails to customers informing them that the original Philips-made box will not be able to load any new programming information starting next month.

No new TiVo Series 1 DVRs have been manufactured after 2002 but TiVo says that there are still 3,200 Series 1 DVRs being used actively. That’s a lot of customers who will be impacted by this change, but it’s inevitable.

In an email sent to customers, TiVO explained that it’s upgrading the data associated with all programming in order to provide better program guide information to subscribers. However, this new data does not work on its oldest device so even though users will be able to access their existing recordings their Series 1 DVR will make its final update to the TiVo Guide on September 15th.

This last call is going to bring in 14 days of program guide information which will enable users to record shows on their Series 1 DVR through September 29th after which season passes will no longer record and the TiVo Guide will say that no program information is available.

TiVo apologizes for this inconvenience, saying about the DVRs that “they have had a great run and we’re truly sorry to see them go.” For the inconvenience, it’s going to provide affected customers with a free $75 Visa prepaid card which they can use for whatever they want.

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