If you own a TiVo DVR, you’ll be interested to learn that the company has recently added support for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. What this means is that if you own an Alexa or Google Assistant-compatible device, you will be able to control your TiVo DVR using your voice.

This should be applicable to users who own Amazon’s Echo series of smart speakers, or the Google Home lineup of smart speakers, or an Android phone that comes with Google Assistant. With the voice commands, users will be able to ask their TiVo to Select, Play, and Record as some of its more basic features.

However users who choose to use Google Assistant will actually have access to more features. This includes the ability to translate spoken phrases. There will also be support for multi-step activities with other smart home devices, meaning that you could create macros of sorts where you could turn down the lights, close the blinds, and so on when you watch TiVo.

In addition to support for Alexa and Google Assistant, TiVo also announced that they will be adding IFTTT support for their DVRs, thus expanding what users can do with it, such as tying in your alarm with TiVo, and so on.

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