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TiVo Will Soon Let Users Skip Ads Automatically
Let’s face it, no one really likes watching commercials, especially if it means that they are interrupted while watching their favorite TV show. Now one of the features of TiVo is its SkipMode where users can fast forward through commercials if they’d rather not watch it, but it still requires input on the user’s end.

TiVo’s Apple TV App Only Streams In 720p At 30 FPS
Many were understandably excited when Apple announced the new Apple TV back in 2017 which had the ability to playback content in 4K. Unfortunately if you plan to use TiVo’s app on the latest Apple TV, you might be disappointed to learn that content streamed through the app will be limited to 720p resolution at 30 FPS.

Amazon Could Be Planning Their Own TiVo Competitor
When it comes to TVs, Amazon’s answer at the moment is the Fire TV. However if a report from Bloomberg is accurate, it seems that Amazon’s plans for the TV could come in the form of a TiVo competitor, where the company will launch a new device that will be capable of doing some of the things that TiVo is known for.

TiVo’s DVRs Now Support Alexa & Google Assistant
If you own a TiVo DVR, you’ll be interested to learn that the company has recently added support for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. What this means is that if you own an Alexa or Google Assistant-compatible device, you will be able to control your TiVo DVR using your voice.


TiVo New BOLT+ DVR Supports 4K And Has 6 Tuners
TiVo has launched a new BOLT DVR today. It’s called the BOLT+ and it happens to support 4K UHD content just like the 4K Bolt DVR which was launched by TiVo in the fall last year. The DVR offers 3TB of onboard storage as well as a total of 6 tuners as compared to the older model, so you’re getting more bang for the buck, and certainly a lot more use […]

TiVo Drops Support For Original DVR From Next Month
TiVo’s original Series 1 DVR was released back in 1999. The year appears to be distant memory as so much has happened in the world of technology since then that it’s hard to imagine how we used to live back then. The time has come for TiVo to end support for its original box. The company has been sending out emails to customers informing them that the original Philips-made box […]

TiVo Drops Monthly Free For Its Cord Cutter Focused DVR
Almost two years ago TiVo introduced a new DVR box called the Roamio OTA. The box was focused on cord cutters, folks that look for their TV elsewhere instead of subscribing to a traditional cable subscription. Roamio OTA supported major streaming services available at that time as well as HD content pulled over the air. It didn’t really become popular so TiVo is taking another shot at it by improving […]

TiVo BOLT Kisses Goodbye To Commercials
Don’t you long for the good ol’ days when commercials on TVs were far and few in between, and you actually spent a whole lot more time watching real shows than commercials? Well, the good people over at TiVo intends to roll back those years with the TiVo BOLT, where they claim for it to be “the most advanced television-viewing experience available.” We shall see about that.

TiVo Rolls Out Online Free Cross-Platform Search
It looks like TiVo has just introduced what you can claim to be one of the very best features to the masses from its DVR, where it will unify the entire cross-platform search process. Basically, this particular feature would enable the user to look up their favorite TV shows, in order to check out just what kind of platforms will carry these shows.

New TiVo Slide Pro Remote Announced
There is a spanking new TiVo Slide Pro Remote in the market, where it will feature a slide out QWERTY keyboard as well as sport fully backlit buttons that make it a snap for you to use in dark rooms (which is normal whenever dusk falls and you want to enjoy your favorite movie or TV show in the comfort of your living room with all of the lights turned […]

New TiVo Feature Allows DVRs To Live Stream Content On iPhones, iPads
Things have been quiet for TiVo for quite some time as the last bit of news we heard from the company was their announcement of their TiVo Mini, which extends the standard TiVo set-top box to additional rooms back in March. Today, TiVo has some exciting news to share with its customers, especially those of you who have always wanted to access recorded material located on your TiVo outside of your […]

TiVo Mini Extends Set-Top-Box To Additional Rooms For $99
If you take your DVR serious, you may have sprung for a TiVo instead of trusting your TV-watching needs to your cable or satellite provider. Up until this point, if you wanted additional TiVos in your home, you had to purchase additional units, which could be quite costly, especially if it’s a room you only occasionally watch TV on. TiVo is announcing a new accessory to its main set-top-box that […]

Spotify App Added To TiVo Premiere Boxes
If you’re looking to use Spotify, you can access it on a number of platforms like your computer and mobile devices, but one place that has yet to properly be infiltrated by the music service is your living room. Thanks to today’s news from TiVo, you have a brand-new spot to enjoy your Spotify music.Spotify can now be accessed on TiVo Premiere set top boxes, but only by Premium Spotify […]

Tivo Stream, Premiere 4 and Premiere XL4 announced
TiVo has announced a trio of new devices for the coming holiday season, where they are the Stream, Premiere 4 and Premiere XL4. For starters, the TiVo Stream will allow you to seamlessly deliver content stored on any TiVo Premiere box to mobile displays (including those like iPads and iPhones), where you are able to stream up to a quartet of shows simultaneously to four devices that are hooked to […]