Let’s face it, no one really likes watching commercials, especially if it means that they are interrupted while watching their favorite TV show. Now one of the features of TiVo is its SkipMode where users can fast forward through commercials if they’d rather not watch it, but it still requires input on the user’s end.

However according to a report from Zatz Not Funny, that could soon change because it was discovered that a TiVo employee had made a post on Facebook which confirmed that a new automatic skipping feature will be coming soon. The publication then followed with their source who also confirmed that the feature is indeed in the works.

This is expected to come in the form of a software update where users with the updated DVR will be prompted as to whether or not they want to enable the feature. Once the feature has been enabled, whenever a commercial plays, a small “skip in progress” icon will appear followed by a chime, after which the commercial should have been skipped in its entirety.

However, this feature could be somewhat limited as it might only be applied to recordings of primetime shows that have their commercials marked, similar to how Netflix’s Skip Recap and Skip Intro feature works, but it should still come in handy nonetheless. No word on when the feature is expected to begin rolling out to TiVo users, but you might want to keep an eye out for it.

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