I am quite sure that if you have been following tech blogs for some years already, you would most probably have heard of the modding guru extraordinary, Ben Heck, who has come up with some seemingly crazy modifications in the past, and he continues to cement his legacy with yet another “impossible” project known as the Ultimate Combo System. The Ultimate Combo System is all about unity, as it will merge three different consoles in a single device – the Sony PS3, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft, and Nintendo’s Wii U. Granted, all three are not exactly within the same generation, as the first two belong with the Wii, while the Wii U was meant to slug it out with the next Xbox and PS4, but we will still gratefully accept Ben Heck’s work on this beauty.


The Ultimate Combo System comes with a wooden chassis, where the Xbox 360 will remain at the bottom, with the Nintendo Wii U on top of it, while the Sony PS3 will be located right at the very top. I wonder how much folks would pay for this if it were to be mass produced…

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