Everyone loves the summer – the days are long, you get plenty of sunshine, the warmth is a clear contradiction of the bitter cold of the winter, and you can just pull on a T-shirt and wear a pair of pants all day long, with flip flops to get around, leaving you a whole lot less to wash, too. Well, one thing’s for sure – folks who love sunbathing to get a natural tan might want to be careful about applying the right amount of sunscreen, or you can always invest in the UVeBand as a Kickstarter project, where this slap-on bracelet will help you monitor your exposure to the sun, vibrating whenever you need to apply more sunscreen.

The UVeBand will only “kick in”, so to speak, after you have applied your first layer of lotion or spray, as it is smart enough to turn on automatically after making contact with your skin. Subtle vibrations will be sent to your smartphone every 15 minutes in order to confirm that it is working, as an integrated sensor keeps track of UVA and UVB rays, the two main culprits of sunburn. Do you want to see it succeed?

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