[CeBIT 2013] For people who live in industrial and developed countries, access to clean water is never really an issue and we tend to forget that a huge number of people on this planet do not enjoy that type of access. Consequently, according to water.org, over 3.4 million humans die each year from a water related disease.

Today at CeBIT, I met with Martin Wesian, founder and CEO, Helioz, the company behind WADI, an innovative and affordable water filtering device powered by solar energy.

Basically, the water is purified by the UV coming from the daylight and the WADI is just there to tell the user exactly when the water contained in the biodegradable plastic bottle is clean. When the little face icon is smiling, the water is ready to be drunk, and it stays clean only for the next 48 hours. WADI cost less than 10 dollars. (Watch the video demo).

Knowing that diarrhea, a dirty water related disease, kills more kids than malaria, measles and AIDS combined, we can say that this little gadget can have a huge impact on human lives. I was appalled to learn that the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, which spends a lot of money to fight malaria, turned down this incredible project. Helioz is currently looking for funding to produce the WADIs and distribute them in the poorest countries in the world. Please contact us if you are able to help Martin Wesian find investors to produce the WADI.

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