Back in November a couple of years ago, Microsoft devised a new and interesting method of showing off Windows Phone running on any device, using a web browser to achieve their end, and it did not pay regards to whether you are using an iOS- or Android-powered device, it is all the same to Microsoft. In a nutshell, what they wanted to show off was a virtual demonstration on how Windows Phone and its Modern user interface functioned. Well, nearly two years down the road, the Windows Phone blog has dropped an announcement concerning a new update to the simulation which will show off just how information from your Facebook account is shown on the Windows Phone 8 Start screen, in addition to the People and Photo hubs.


Heck, you can even choose to post the whole Windows Phone simulation on your Facebook timeline if you want to, and I believe that this is Microsoft’s secret hope that you do so anyways. It does seem as though Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is gaining its fair share of users in time, and special mention must be made to Nokia’s new range of Lumia devices that helped push the sales of Windows Phone devices for sure.

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